How do I fix a squeaky 2nd story floor?

October 24th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

I have pulled up the carpet and the sub flooring to get to the problem. When I step on the actual joists is when it squeaks. I put 2 rows of “bridging/bracing” in between each set of joists and nailed those in. There is still squeaks on almost every joist. Does anyone have any other suggestions to attempt to fix this? The squeaks are so loud they wake our children at night.


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  1. Wired says:

    You need to screw the flooring down into the joists where it is squeaking. I saw a clip on This Old House website once where they did this and it completely eliminated the bouncing and squeaking. You have done the preliminary work which is described in this article, but I couldn’t find the squeak repair part:,,451111,00.html

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