scrap wood laminate flooring….?

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We have put wood laminate flooring in our home.There are a lot of scrap pieces that have been cut off,some 12 to 20 or so inches long.Any ideas on what I can do with these pieces.There are no children in this home, so no kids crafts or ideas please.Thanks for your answers.



  1. loniel_randis_meniel says:

    perhaps a closet or two could use some covering for the shelves? Or the floors in the closet. GL. Check out some arts and crafts sites for ideas too.

  2. skibbyjanell says:

    picture frames
    flooring for closets

    Have fun!

  3. teacupn says:

    Cut into even squares or lengths and maybe checkerboard or create a geometric pattern of the laminate on a small entryway area, or call you local high school and see if they want the left over laminate to practice on or make things with for shop classes. Or ask around your neighborhood, you may have crafty neighbors that would be grateful for the scraps.

  4. silversurfer says:

    re-cover old tables, or drawers.
    If the bathroom has old cupboards in re-cover these.
    re- floor the shed

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