Why is my adult dog suddenly peeing on the carpet when she has been potty trained for 2+ years?

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There has been no sudden changes in our life or any other traumatic event. She just suddenly started doing it. She doesn’t poop on the carpet, just pee – and it’s only in our hallway, no where else in the house. I am pregnant (not very far along, and this has been happening months before we found out), and I don’t want my child crawling around on a soggy floor. I have another dog that doesn’t have this problem; the only reason why we know is because we have caught our female dog doing it multiple times. I love my dogs dearly and I commonly refer to them as my “fur children”. However, if I cannot get this figured out, I will be forced to get rid of her because I WILL NOT let my child grow up in a filthy house. Any ideas, guys? I really need your help on this one…
Wow!! Such rapid fire answers – thank you. Ok, let me be a bit more specific:

1.) She has been spayed since she was 6 months old, so she’s not pregnant. But I should take her to the vet – she might have an infection.

2.) Duh, of course she has to go to the bathroom, that’s why she’s doing it. We have a HUGE backyard, and for a year-and-a-half, she would come to me and bark when she had to go potty. She suddenly stopped doing that.

3.) I don’t see how she could be suddenly stressed – her routine has been the same her entire life; we have not changed it. And she’s only 2, so she’s not THAT old.

All Others: I will definetly be taking her to the vet!! I never realized that she could possibly be sick with a UTI… Poor baby. =[ I’ll also take a look at that training website. Thanks guys!!! ^_^
Whisperer – you are a crackhead. I was trying to be a little more polite, but to put it bluntly: she is pissing on the carpet, not using the toilet. O_o And I walk my dogs for an hour every morning…



  1. Mystee_Rain says:

    She might have a bladder or urinary infection you should have her checked
    or could she possibly be pregnant?

  2. Mary B says:

    She has to go to the bathroom.

  3. sally funny says:

    Mabe the dog is stressed and just getting old

  4. wynnndhamm says:

    when my cat started doing that we found out shortly after that he had diabetes and couldn’t really control it. have her checked at the vet

  5. dragonmaiden1984 says:

    Usually the cause is health. Our 5 year old started doing this when she had a urinary tract infection. The odor is strong, and she was doing it frequently regardless of how much we let her outside. Take her to the vet and get her some antibiotics. Good luck and congrats on baby!

  6. Danette T says:

    Two things
    1. Could be a bladder infection. Dogs can get them too.
    2. How old is she? If she is old then it could be Canine Alzheimer’s Disease. Then they revert to being puppies again.
    I’d take her to the vet.

  7. DarlingCowgirl says:

    It might not be on purpose, my dog started doing it and shes just couldn’t help it, because she had a sickness, take her to the vet i almost guarantee you thats it!

  8. Mowence says:

    I bet that the dog is bored.

    Here is a reference that can get you some start on what to do about it:


    If you can understand what that article talks about, then you might want to jump to http://k9joy.com/BrainWorkForSmartDogs/index.php?camp=5_yahoo, where you will find the solution you need: the education in how to train your dog to use its brain.

    I promise, it is very fun!

    Good luck with it. It is heartless to do it with only one of the dogs, though….

  9. abralabra says:

    Try taking her to the vet before doing anything drastic.

  10. whisperer says:

    Doesn’t the vet sound good? Maybe bladder problem, urinary tract infection of some sort? You’re dog can go on the potty? Maybe that was too stressful-let her outside, she’s tired of hopping on the potty. She’s trying to get your attention and it’s working. Poor dog needs a good walk.

  11. rblankenship_rblankenship says:

    since you say the dog is not stressed, i would have her checked for a UTI. sudden problem with peeing with no apernt reasons is usaly caused by a UTI. :)

  12. surfer chicka says:

    well maybe you should get the dog checked by a vet. she maybe have a bladder prob., or maybe its because she is getting older and cant hold her pee as long as she used to. i suggest putting her on a schedule to go outside, or pay close attention to how she behaves, maybe it is a nervous habit.

    hope this helps!

  13. jan d says:

    If something else peed there they can smell it and start marking their territory. I had some bunny pee on my carpet and then the dog sniffed it and started peeing there too. she also could have something like a bladder stone which would make her uncomfortable. how big is she? I put a litter box in the dog’s room and she uses it 100%. You can try this or retrain with a rolled up newspaper. Whack your hand every time and show her the pee. Use your voice and make shocked noises of horror. “OH what did you do?”"” I just ripped out the hall carpet cause it was sooo disgusting so I know what you’re going through!

  14. kniek79 says:

    My dog started doing that when I was prego…I think he was mad at me..like he knew what was in store for him?? Is she spayed? That might help..I know if it were a male it would. Hope that you don’t have to get rid of her…it might just be a freak thing.. she might stop tomorrow? She might be feeling some of your emotions, making her do things she normally wouldn’t do? You could spend a little more time with her and let her know everything is o.k.

  15. Jasmine says:

    Probably an infection.I had to make my dog stop sleeping on the bed because she was doing the same thing and it was due to a bladder infection.Get him some antibiotics and dont let him drink alot of water at once.Another reason couldbe fear or if its a male dog and hes not neutered he could be marking his territory.

  16. fae says:

    You say she has been house trained for over 2 years and it’s only been a few months she has reverted to this–I suspect your other dog was purchased at about the time this started?? Otherwise she never was “housetrained” and has been peeing there all along and you only recently found out. The pregnacy has nothing to do with it-so don’t think that. I suggest you get that carpet removed–hire somesone to cut it out, scour and bleach the underfloor and replace, put up baby gates to confine this area and keep her where she can access a doggy door. Good luck!

  17. michael r says:

    It just might be she knew you were pregnant before you knew it. Dogs can sense changes in us that we are not aware of yet. If she is a real affectionate dog she might be upset by pending new arrival.

  18. ♥ DP ♥ says:

    Commonsense says you should take her to the vet and rule out a UTI.. Dogs don’t just suddenly start to do something different for no reason at all.. She has an infection, or she isn’t getting out often enough or something is going on..

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