Best cleaner/disinfectant to use around newborn to weaning age puppies?

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They are greyhound puppies. Flooring is tile. Prefer something I don’t have to rinse off as I am not able to do a lot of mopping. They were whelped in a child’s pool which I wipe out as needed with a weak bleach solution but they will be motivating around the whole kitchen soon so I need to know what to mop with for their safety.



  1. MRS.BREAK says:

    i would say pinesol diluted with water

  2. cagney says:

    i would stick with the weakly diluted bleach solution. you also may be able to call your vet and purchase what they use. it will be safe to use around young puppies.

  3. Wyldfire says:

    Vinegar is good but i also use soap an water just regular dish soap with antibacterial in it the vinegar will also help with them not peeing in that area. Also a good spray on things you don;t want to pee on plus it kills the smell but its a really good cleaner. If you really don;t want anything bad use baking soda and vinegar it will clean good or even par oxide in a spray with some water

    So about 2 caps vinegar to 1gallon
    1 squirt soap to 1 gallon water of soap
    and 2 caps of par oxide to 1 gallon
    about 4 tsp of baking soda to 1 cup vinegar you can add to how big your floor is or the surf es your cleaning.
    Good luck i us ally put them all in a spray so its easier to spread around the house. I Mix then pour it into the bottles
    I have cats and kids 1 is allergic to bleach and chlorine so supstuites are a good thing and less money

  4. p_i_turtle_sanders says:

    I would recommend something like Parvosol -it is one of the few things that kills Canine Parvovirus. It also kills most other germs, and doesn’t smell like bleach. Directions state that it does not need to be rinsed unless it comes into contact with food surfaces, so as long as you are not wiping your countertops with it, you should be good to go.

  5. Tammy C says:

    Clorox Anywhere Spray.It’s gentle enough to use around pets,babies and food.I use it all the time.You don’t have to rinse,either.

  6. Outback Working Kelpies says:

    Isocol rubbing alcohol or tea tree wash.

  7. David J says:

    Formula H

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